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Ibanez Performance Acoustic MIK - Brown


Sales Price:RM1,590.00
"What do you do when you want to take on the bike for a guitar club meeting, you but not his OVATION or even the pot-bellied IBANEZ Concord 12 or EPIPHONE EJ wants to lug 200? Quite simply, you can buy a smaller egg slicer. Nothing else was the intention that has brought me to this guitar. You should reasonably sound and if even think about what comes, then it should not cost equal to a heart attack. This claim was far more than fair. It sounds good and has all tours previously well over. 
What has this guitar together with a British warship? Wrong. The commonality is the name of the type designation: DREADNOUGHT, which means as much as fearless. The Dreadnought guitars were from the corpus to be non-negligible greater than the hitherto usual Western guitars, reminiscent in shape more like shrunken Jumbo Guitars -., or at inflated Ukuleles 
The IBANEZ also presents itself in a classic dreadnought design coupled with a relatively favorable price / performance ratio. What more could you want when it comes to campfire Lala? 
This guitar is exactly my prey schema in terms of guitar-for-having-to-moped-meeting-on-fire-for-the-games. The German scholar toying now probably with murder after the motto: whoever speaks so shot heard - who as well as writing. 
fact that in this way (I am now back at the campfire and evening the air moist is) sound the strings relatively quickly dull and sustain quite quickly falls by the wayside is clear. A required string change is announced then quite quickly by a slight buzz on the geriffenen G high E string on. That does not matter the Campfire romantics but - the moment counts. With new strings I have to find each time that it actually sounds better than you might expect based on the price first. Then I think now and then that she maybe was not too bad as Meet guitar. Before the next meeting that's true then. The pitch is for a Western guitar more than good, what one comes to meet with quite numb fingers. The robustness of this egg cutter against the weather is amazing, because the string position has not changed despite various campfire inserts in otherwise air humid environment. Among the wood used I was after a specific request to bring the following in experience: Back and sides are to be from NATO, the ceiling spruce. The neck is made ​​of mahogany and rosewood fingerboard. Were there other woods, it would not have bothered me. As I said, I needed a guitar for Mucke at various motorcycle events. And for that it is more than good enough. bought in 1999 for 201.96 EUR (value calculated DM course) the key data: Model: IBANEZ performance UPF 5-6 string Country / Year: Korea / 1996 Body: Top: Spruce / Rail: NATO / bottom: Nato Neck: mahogany, satin finish Fingerboard: Rosewood with pearl dot inlays Bridge: Rosewood Tuners / Saddle: 6 individual tuners, closed / plastic Weight: about 2070 g Color: Natural"


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