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Voodoo Lab Tremolo

Sales price RM539.00

The Voodoo Lab Tremolo re-creates the buttery, seductive tone of a vintage tube amp tremolo. This is accomplished by using the same lamp and photocell assembly found in many popular vintage amps.

This pedal also features a slope control which lets you adjust the feel from a traditional soothing tremolo to a hard ìmachine-gunî stutter. Speed and intensity controls provide a wide range to include very slow and deep sounds. A volume control lets you cut or boost the output level. Now you can add warm, mind-bending trem vibes to any amp with the most versatile tremolo available.

In the past I never gave 10's, because there is always better or room for improvements. This is pretty darn close. True bypass, easy to work, awesome sound. MOST IMPORTANTE: Does not jack with my tone on or off. The VL Tremolo is sweet. Tone all the way thru ...huge speed variable ...from ultra slow to helicopter chops. My friends really like it (non musicians) ...asking me to always turn it on with or without distortion!!! Noise free!! ! Awesome!!! Sounds incredible clean or dirty, looks cool ...and includes jumper switch inside ...not in manual or website but gives you the option of rounder tremolo or squarer tremolo (best way to describe it).

This pedal is warm like analog! What else can say? I can conjure up any sound and all of the sounds that this unit is capable of are just great! I have a EH Pulsar and a Fulltone Supa-Trem and this one is my favorite at the moment. It just has a warm quality that others do not. Great job VooDoo Labs!


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